Delishus distribute splendid products to our clients, which are unmatched at any place in the Nordic countries. The warehouse of Delishus has tremendous capacity and hygenic environment for healthy storage of our products.All the products are taken good care and preserved in proper manner. All the technologies used in storage and distribution mechanism in the facilities are of up-to-date so that we can ensure the quality and freshness of the products throughout the year.
Delishus maintains refrigerated cargo carriers for healthy transportation of our products. The products are carried and packed in a very careful manner so that the freshness of our products should not be compromised.
Specialized in year round sourcing of the highest quality products our formidable network has enabled us in serving our customers with worldwide brands. Delishus Vegetables are imported direct from producers and growers who have been carefully selected for the consistent high standards.

Unique Properties


High Quality and Reliable Brands


Large and Hygiene Ware house capacity


Long term Trusted client Relationship